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Oct 13 2009

Delivery to San Diego Moved to Monday

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Just found out we are going to leave a day earlier than originally expected. On Monday, with the assistance of the tide, we will depart from the Richmond Yacht Club on our way to San Diego–to begin this journey.

Personally, I am almost out of time. So many todo items left . . . so little time.

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Oct 12 2009

Tight as a Drum

p-1600-1200-1df5a063-401c-4091-898a-289e6ccb8ae4.jpegThe preparations for the race boat consumed another weekend, and after all of the work was finished (for the day), I had less than two hours of sunlight to seal my own boat from the rain coming tonight.

I know, I know–I should have done this last month, or even the month before, but I have been busy . . . For the last two years, actually.

Anyways, the boat is sealed for the rain. The work is ugly, but overkill,and should accomplish the one goal of keeping me dry.

The storm tonight is expected to be brutal. Gusts of wind up to 65 knots in the central bay.

UPDATE: I beat the rains by 4 hours on this. Too close for comfort, but at least it is done!

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Oct 11 2009

Yacht Delivery Count-Down

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We are a bit more than one week away from the yacht delivery–the start of the trip for me.

Tuesday, of next week, we will depart San Francisco Bay, and sail to San Diego. It is going to be a quick trip–well be sailing as fast as we can to get to San Diego for the start of the Baja Ha-ha.

Right now, we are looking for another sailor to join us on a Tuesday through Friday sail to San Diego. Food will be provided.

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